Phased Array

Lightbox ImageOmniscan MX2

The result of over 10 years of proven leadership in modular NDT test platforms, the OmniScan MX has been the most successful portable and modular phased array test instrument produced by Olympus to date, with thousands of units in use throughout the world. This second generation OmniScan MX2 increases testing efficiencies, ensuring superior manual and advanced AUT application performance with faster setups, test cycles, and reporting, in addition to uni¬versal compatibility with all phased array modules. Designed for NDT phased array leaders, this high-end, scalable platform deliv¬ers true next-generation NDT testing. The OmniScan MX2 offers a high acquisition rate and new powerful software features—in a portable, modular instrument—to efficiently perform manual and automated inspections.



Lightbox ImageEpoch 1000i

The EPOCH 1000i Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors combines the highest level of performance for conventional portable flaw detection with the power of phased array imaging. The EPOCH 1000i features a horizontal case style with full VGA display, knob and navigation arrows for parameter adjustment, and full EN12668 1 compliance. The EPOCH 1000i comes with the same advanced ultrasonic flaw detection capabilities as the EPOCH 1000 as well as with the benefits of a built-in phased array imaging package.





Lightbox ImageOmni SX

Olympus is proud to introduce the Omniscan SX, a flaw detector that benefits from more than 20 years of phased array experience and shares the Omniscan DNA. For improved ease of use, the Omniscan SX features a new streamlined software interface displayed on an 8.4inch (21.3cm) touch screen. A single-group and non-modular instrument, the Omniscan SX is easy to operate and cost-effective for less demanding applications. The Omniscan SX Phased Array model is 16:64PR and equipped with a conventional UT channel for pulse-echo, pitch-catch or TOFD application. Compared to Omniscan MX2, the SX is 33% lighter and 50% smaller, offering an unprededented level of portability for an Omniscan.