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The BX51P polarizing microscope is an investigative tool for the identification of isotropic and anisotropic materials, forensic analysis, thin film/polymer/crystal identification, and extraneous particulates. Thanks to Olympus' sophisticated design and manufacturing technology, new ACHN-P and UPLFLN-P strain-free objectives reduce internal strain to an absolute minimum. Olympus has also totally redesigned its polarizers and polarizing condensers to further enhance performance in polarized light. This means a higher EF* value, resulting in unmatched image brightness and contrast.








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The CX31-P microscope is ideal for polarized light observations. Compact in design , yet capable of technically advanced tasks such as retardation measurements , the CX31P is a wise choice for daily laboratory use. CX31-P space saving body offers high quality polarized images and a wide range of options. This model is a cost-effective solution with a versatility of functions. Choose from specially manufactured strain-free objective lenses (PLN4xP, ACHN-P and UPLFLN-P) that are designed to ensure the highest quality images during polarized observations.