Lightbox ImageGX71

is top-of-the-line inverted metallurgical system microscope. With addition of motorized functions, complete integration into all digital imaging subsystem is possible to provide advanced solutions for cutting edge research by its digital imaging system in pursuit of high quality and simplicity, motorized modules which increase observation efficiency, and other beneficial features. The GX71 inverted microscope remains one of the most sought-after core research metallographs in use today. Capable of numerous image forming techniques with UIS2 objectives, the GX71 is the workhorse that will provide years of reliability. To handle the diversity of incoming samples and their unique analysis requirements the GX71 implements the largest variety of image forming techniques of all the Olympus inverted metallographs. Brightfield, darkfield, DIC, simple polarization, and fluorescence are available for spot-on investigations.


Lightbox ImageGX51

The versatile GX51 performs brightfield, darkfield, Nomarski DIC and simple polarized light observations. Switching between brightfield and darkfield observation is done with a single lever, located close to the operator's hand. Changing to Nomarski DIC observation is a simple matter of inserting the DIC-slider. A wide variety of optional units can be easily attached to the GX51, allowing such system upgrades as linking to a digital or video camera via an intermediate tube. Good working efficiency is the top design priority of the GX51, which was specially developed for handling routine inspection tasks.





Lightbox ImageGX41

GX41’s compact and practical design offering all necessary functions for inspecting metallurgical samples, large metal parts and electronic components. The compact body can be installed in a limited space and is also portable, meeting the requirements for on-the-spot inspection either in the lab or alongside the production line.