Opto Digital


Olympus introduced the world to a new dimension ini industrial microscopy with DX510 upright high resolution digital microscope system. Today, with the unique combination of time tested olympus optics and today newest digital imaging technology, the olympus DSX series sets a new standard in industrial microscopes. The olympus DSX digital allow even first time users to immediately produce superior images and reliable results, thanks to even more advanced features and even simpler interface. no matter how big the challenge, DSX delivers the solution











DSX 510i inverted high resolution digital microscope system deliver superior sharp images made possible by the unique combination of olympus  optics and todays newest digital imaging technology. DSX 510i digital microscope is the culmination of along history superior enginering, design and manufacturing the microscope minimize glare delivers accurate colour reproduction and elimintaesflare and distortion, every sample is reproduced with such accuracy that is simply stunning and stunning simple take a closer look at the DSX510i and seee what other digital microscpe can not.







Thanks to higher quality optics and more advanced digital technology digital technology, the DSX110 delivers more efficient observation, more intuitive magnifying opertaion avariety of observation methods and easy reproducibility. furthermore, its free angle function allows examination of sample from any angle with a precise 16x optical zoom range various image capturing mthods provide easy, intuitive operation as simple as using a smartphone or tablet option include EFI and 3D imaging wide area image captiring, movie capturing nad programmed image capturing easy to use measurement tools enable both 2D and 3D measurement as well as advanced particle analysis a simple wizard function provides measurement automation.