Eddy Current

Nortec 600NORTEC 600

olympus converges its latest advancement in high- performance digitla circuit and edy current flaw detection in to one compact and durable portble unit - the new NORTEC 600. With its crisp and vivid 5.7 inch VGA display and true full screeen mode, the NORTEC 600 borrows the intuitive, knob operated navigation of its NORTEC predecessors and combines it with the simple menu structureand highly efficient direct access keys of other popular olympus instrument.. Available in foue versatile models, the NORTEC 600 offers a wide range of innovative functionalities, including and Application selection menu, All ini one display, relatime readings and signal calibration in freeze mode, ensuring that inspections are quick and easy for any level operator.



Lightbox ImageNORTEC 2000

The Nortec 2000 offers a very low to very high frequency range for applications ranging from detection of cracks in tubes or structures to the discovery of minute flaws in aircraft materials. Single or dual frequency operation, easy to use digital conductivity, and rotating scanner support make the flaw detector ideal for numerous aerospace NDT applications. Customer-interchangeable displays offer excellent visibility in any lighting condition. A VGA output drives a heads up display for inspection where conditions may be cramped or a large desktop monitor or projector for classroom training. The Nortec 2000 is built in a rugged Foreign Object Debris (FOD) free case which makes it to survive harsh field and production environments.








Eddy Current Testing (ECT) is traditionally used for non-ferromagnetic material. Thanks to recent Olympus weld probe technology development, now ECT is also used to inspect ferromagnetic materials mainly on the weld for surface cracks. ECT is now a preferred method for surface inspection – as compared to other NDT technique that requires chemicals such as Magnetic Particle and Penetrant Testing – in some industries that do not allow the present of chemicals in their processing plant such as food & beverage and that restrain chemicals transportation such as offshore operation.