TSC Inspection System develops and manufactures advanced instruments for non-destructive testing (NDT) and stress measurement. TSC’s patented ACFM® technique has been used worldwide for more than 15 years. TSC are world leaders and sole suppliers of ACFM technology.
ACFM is an electromagnetic technique for detecting and sizing surface breaking defects in metals. ACFM is particularly suited for inspecting painted and/or welded structures.
TSC manufacture and sell inspection systems that use the patented ACFM technique. These systems allow operators to deploy non-contacting ACFM probes with only minimal cleaning requirements saving significant time and money.
A modern ACFM inspection system comprises a field-inducing probe with state-of-the-art low noise analogue electronics coupled with a built in control system and easy-to-use Windows based analysis software.
Advantages of using ACFM systems from TSC include:

  • Off-the-shelf products for numerous applications including portable, static and underwater deployment
  • Experienced engineers and product development teams for bespoke ACFM systems
  • ACFM products are accepted by leading Approval and Standards bodies
  • First class training available for all ACFM products
  • Certified ACFM inspection operators available if required.


Lightbox ImageAMIGO Crack Microgauge
The AMIGO instrument is the smallest and lightest ACFM inspection system* available. TSC has taken advantage of its vast wealth of knowledge and experience to make the AMIGO a wieldy, rugged (rated to IP54) instrument that is an ideal tool for site inspections. Specifically designed to function in a wide range of environments the AMIGO has easy-access cabling and large unobstructed buttons which allow the operator to concentrate on the job of inspection without being distracted by the operation of the instrument.
The complete AMIGO system utilises software that offers crack data collection, defect sizing, offline viewing and data archiving. To complement the AMIGO system, TSC offer a wide range of array and single coil probes for use in hazardous environments and specialised applications.



Lightbox ImageU-31 Crack Microgauge

The U31 instrument is specifically designed for subsea deployment by diver or ROV. The system comprises a topside power and communication unit, a subsea bottle and a subsea probe. The system utilises advanced windows software developed by TSC which provides immediate and offline data viewing and includes reporting and data archiving. System options for the U31 include:

  • U31D Diver system for depths up to 300m
  • U31R Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) system for depths up to 2000m
  • Dual-frequency option available for improved underwater sensitivity
  • Support for multi-channel array probes



Lightbox ImageAutomated Thread Inspection (ATI)

The Automated Thread Inspection (ATI) system allows drillstring inspection with little need for cleaning. The system provides automated defect detection and sizing with full results audit and review using windows software. System options for the ATI system include:

  • Box, pin and general purpose inspection probes.
  • Support for a wide variety of drillstring sizes.
  • Lightweight rugged instrument.