Auto Processor

Lightbox ImageM43IC

The INDUSTREX M43IC Processor is designed to meet the needs of high-volume NDT radiographic customers. With a wide range of processing cycles that provides development times from 31 to 170 seconds, your wish is its command. And its high capacity will keep your operation moving. Key Features include:

• • The space-saving design, 27.3 x 46.2 in. (69.5 x 117.5 cm), fits easily in your darkroom.
• • Dry-to-dry processing cycles range from 2 to 12 minutes.
• • Processing speed, developer temperature, fixer temperature, dryer temperature, and replenishment rate are adjustable in nine pre-set programs to accommodate specific film and exposure requirements. A control panel for these functions is conveniently located next to the film feed tray.
• • Automatic replenishment according to film area is convenient and efficient.
• • Integrated chiller unit assures that chemicals remain at the correct temperature—even in the most demanding, high-temperature environments.
• • Continuous display of the percentage of the processing in progress. Film exit bin at comfortable level for all users.



Lightbox ImageM37

The tabletop INDUSTREX M37 is ideal for automatic processing in mid-volume facilities. While compact, it offers the output you need and the excellent image quality and reliability you demand. The new INDUSTREX M37 film processor incorporates all the experience and features you’ve come to expect from the INDUSTREX line of products for NDT applications. The processor ensures totally automatic film handling and supports nine programmable controlled processing channels that
allows for flexibility in your day-today NDT film production.