DR Systems Xpress-Scan

XPRESS-SCAN® is an advanced mobile digital radiography system used for automatic single- or double-wall inspection of pipe welds from 300 to 1420 mm (12-56 inches) in pipeline construction or repair.

The system is designed to significantly boost the speed of non-destructive testing, increase the convenience of operations and minimize the influence of the human factor. The testing can be done right after welding, and instant results will allow immediate adjusting of the welding equipment settings in case any defects are found to ensure they won’t be repeated on the following joints –all to avoid any delays in project execution.


The option of a double-wall control scheme will provide the best solution for cases when the use of a crawler is not possible. The system comes with the pre-installed software DR-SOFT®, which contains an extensive toolkit for performing any task within the framework of industrial radiographic inspection.


  • Automatic control of the whole weld joint in one go without operator involvement.
  • A short time of control: a single digital image of the whole joint of 1420 mm (56”) pipe is ready in just a few minutes.
  • Installation time on the pipe weld: 1-2 minutes.
  • Battery operated.
  • Instant wireless data transfer.
  • Compatible with any X-ray or Gamma source and any crawler.
  • The internal storage of control results to make sure nothing is lost in case of wireless connection problems.
  • Use of protected image format under DICONDE protocol.
  • Can be supplied with portable X-ray generators from the world’s leading producers – TELEDYNE ICM and Comet.
  • Complete set of accessories for easy start of operations.


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