Powerful Analysis, Dynamic Imaging.
The DSX1000 digital microscope combines ease of use with advanced features to streamline your inspection workflow.


Digital microscopes use a digital camera in place of an eyepiece to capture images that are displayed in real time on a computer monitor. As versatile and all-in-one systems, digital microscopes are used to inspect and analyze a wide range of samples across industries, including electronics, metals, automotive, manufacturing, and research. No matter the industry or application, our digital microscopes combine ease of use, flexible imaging, and smart features to speed up your workflow.


  • Large selection of lenses that are easy to change
  • Switch between 6 different observation methods by pushing a button
  • Fast macro to micro viewing
  • Accurate measurements with a telecentric optical system
  • Advanced measurements are fast and easy to obtain



1.  Macro to Micro Versatility

Preliminary Inspection and Micron-Level Analysis with One System

  • See the whole picture: 23X to 8220X magnification range
  • Minimize the chance of crashing into your sample
  • See your sample from many angles

microscope DSX1000

2.  Multiple Observations with a Single Click

Instant Switching Saves Time

  • All observation methods are available at all magnifications
  • Choose from 6 observation methods, and switch between them with a single click

microscope DSX1000




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