The ultrasonic IRIS option is used to inspect a wide range of ma¬terials, including ferrous, nonferrous, and nonmetallic tubing. This technique detects and sizes wall loss resulting from corrosion, erosion, wear, pitting, cracking, and baffle cuts. Olympus digital IRIS inspection technology is used extensively as a prove-up tech¬nique for remote field testing, magnetic flux leakage, and eddy current inspections.


MultiScan MS 5800U (IRIS) Key Features

  • Setup wizard
    Simplifies equipment calibration for different tube diameters and materials. The wizard also generates the reporting code for the inspection.
  • Real-time gain and gate controls
    UT settings can be modified during the C-scan acquisition for quick optimization of signal detection.
  • Real-time and continuous color C-scans
    Reduces missed flaws with C-scan displays. To enhance the quality and appearance of your reports, include color maps and cross-section views of defects.
  • Full tube-length recording
    Used to analyze data off-line, and to assess results with customers.



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