Ceram Series

Balteau NDT is known for its unique and unequalled engineering and manufacture of portable equipment. When you need a unique that can perform standard inspections as well as occasionally heavy walled ones, the CERAM 235 is the perfect compromise. Offering a maximum of 235 kV and 5 mA, the CERAM 235 combines all technological advantages of its big brother of the CERAM series and gives the flexibility of a unit smaller in size. The CERAM 35 is delivering 300 kV and 5 mA with a duty cycle of 100% for an incredible image contrast even at full power.

Thanks to a purposely designed tubehead and driving electronics, the CERAM 35 is offering to the user both duty cycle and an enormous power to fit any important requirements. Gas insulation and right components selection have succeeded in producing one of the lightest X-Ray generator in the market. No compromises have been made to component selection or cooling, the unit is able to run on a 100% duty cycle thanks to its purposely designed tubehead and driving electronics. These units can be combined to one of the two available type of control units (CF2000 or Hand X), and is extremely versatile.




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