Supercritical Water Oxidation (SCWO)


Sievers InnovOx TOC Analyzers employ a unique supercritical water oxidation approach to oxidation that uses both heat and pressure. In a sealed reactor, the sample and persulfate are heated to 375 °C (770 °F). This high temperature and corresponding increased pressure of 22.1 MPa (3,200 psi), allows for the supercritical state to be achieved, and dramatically improves the efficiency of the oxidation process, thereby offering better recovery for difficult matrices. As an added benefit, inorganic salts are no longer soluble at these conditions, and therefore do not interfere with the oxidation reaction.

Sievers InnovOx ES Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzers are designed to measure organic carbon in a broad range of water samples from industrial process water to wastewater influent and effluent to concentrated brine in chemical applications. All InnovOx ES Analyzers include robust sample handling capability and industry-leading supercritical water oxidation (SCWO) technology, designed to enhance performance and reliability
in challenging applications.

Organics monitoring applications


Biological wastewater plant optimization.

Monitoring organics before and after treatment allows operators to optimize the F/M (food to microorganism) ratio, thereby enhancing organic removal, reducing sludge and chemical usage, and avoiding system upsets.

Wastewater effluent monitoring and COD/BOD correlation.†

As an automated laboratory surrogate for time consuming and manual COD and BOD tests, the InnovOx ES TOC instrument help monitor the performance of a wastewater system. Optimizing the process provides confidence that regulatory testing results will be below permit limits.

High-salt seawater and brine monitoring.

Our patented SCWO
oxidation technology was designed to measure organics reliably in high-salt or brine samples commonly found in the refining industry. Unlike combustion technologies that can easily be plugged or damaged by salt, the InnovOx oxidation reactor is self-cleaning and is not affected by salts coming out of solution.

Industrial/commercial laboratory sampling.

The InnovOx ES instrument with optional high-capacity Autosampler is ideal for reliably analyzing water samples from a broad range of sources including water reuse, cooling towers, boilers, research applications, or
environmental testing.




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