Wire Rope Tester MD121

The operation of our NDT instruments is based on permanent magnet method, which was developed in Poland and is used throughout the world.
Standard range of sensing test heads can be used for ropes ranging from 8 to 105 mm diameter. Custom designed heads are also available. For
smaller ropes our MD-20/25 hand-held head-tester can be used.


The GP-series test/measuring heads are sources of signals at magnetic inspection of the steel wire ropes of various sizes. Recorded head signals
indicate LD/LF rope defects of stepwise changes of the cross-section nature (wire breaks, pitting corrosion, etc.) and also LMA distributed rope steel
cross-section reduction (corrosion, wear).
Analysis of the head generated signals makes possible determining the rope cross-section reduction rate as well as the length and depth of the defected section of the rope.


The MD121 recording system includes a specially designed MD121 Wire Rope Defectograph, a portable data recorder with chart recorder. This is new instrument based on embedded industrial computer system which allows real time watching signal traces on 7” display, printing traces on strip chart simultaneously and viewing recorded data after rope test, with many features as zooming traces, searching for pulses
crossing set limit, etc. Recorded data can be transferred to PC with USB pen drive memory and can be viewed and analysed with PC version of MD121’ software . This unique instrument has been designed as a helpful and comfortable tool, to meet the special needs of rope experts in heavy industrial environments

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