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Today’s diverse applications require optical inspection systems that can provide cost-effective imaging in a variety
of ways. With the BX61 microscope, complex operation settings such as illumination level, lens selection and aperture setting, can be set to operate from a single key, either on the microscope keypad or via the PC. This feature makes it easy to reproduce observation conditions with the touch of a single button. A variety of motorized modules, including nosepieces and illuminators, are available to provide you with the full flexibility. For the ultimate in fast, reproducible focusing, the BX61 can be fitted with the autofocus unit. Utilizing an active multi-spot laser, the autofocus can accommodate a wide variety of specimens with fast, reproducible active tracking focusing.



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Whether you require basic measuring using white light imaging or are performing highly demanding material identification using polarized light that requires advanced color fidelity, Olympus has a flexible solution to fit your needs. Olympus solutions span our advanced microscopy products to application specific digital cameras to provide the highest resolution and color fidelity available. The Olympus total solution is tied together with advanced imaging software that provides integrated operation from basic image capture to image processing, report generation, data export and global networking of both data, images and reports.




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Olympus is proud to introduce the BX51-P, the new polarizing microscope with superb performance in polarized light. It's a breakthrough combination of world-renowned UIS2 infinity-corrected optics and Olympus original optical-design. Olympus has also devised a new, extended line of compensators to make the BX51-P versatile enough to handle observation and measuring applications in virtually any field.










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The BX41M-LED has an Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) dissipation capability that protects electronic devices from static electricity, the human body, or nearby environments found in the laboratory or shop floor.