Flexible Eddy Current Array Probe

Suitable for use in any field, its innovative flexible PCB design enables it to fit any curvature. This new probe can be used to perform a wide range of applications that were previ¬ously difficult to accomplish with eddy current. The cable can be disconnected from the probe to facilitate probe replacement, and different cables can be used to set different modes for the same probe. Our two distinct cable models make it possible to use the same probe with two different coil configurations. Bridge is used for nonferromagnetic materials like alu¬minum and titanium, and reflection is used for ferromagnetic materials such as Duplex and stainless steel. This technology functions as a ready-to-use probe when used with a shape holder, and can also be mounted directly on a scan¬ner using the appropriate holder. In addition, both the probe and the cable are available as off-the-shelf items.


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