SIEVERS M9 TOC Analyzers

As the world’s leading manufacturer of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzers, we continuously strive to exceed expectations by providing superior technology, design, quality and service. Our Analytical Instruments team has acquired more than 30 patents for technical innovations—including the Sievers Membrane Conductometric Method and the Integrated On-Line Sampling System (iOS). Unlike other instruments that use non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) detection, Sievers TOC Analyzers are equipped with the Sievers Membrane Conductometric Detection method. Exhibiting a dynamic range of six orders of magnitude,our technology prevents significant drift over time, resulting in unmatched stability in our instruments. Less frequent calibration, combined with uncompromising analytical performance,makes our analyzer the workhorse you can depend on.


Our proprietary Integrated On-Line Sampling(iOS) System enables easy introduction of external standards and samples. This unique feature allows you to directly introduce calibration, validation, and system suitability standards without removing the instrument from the continuous sample source or changing the sample inlet configuration. The iOS system also accommodates grab samples for spot checking TOC from other locations in a water system.


TOC analyzers

Gas-permeable membrane selectively passes only the CO2 produced from oxidized organics, preventing acids, bases, and halogenated compounds from interfering with the measurement.





M9… the next generation of Sievers TOC Analyzers

TOC Laboratory

M9 Laboratory
superior productivity:
• Measure discrete grab samples via sample vials and sipper tubes or connect to the Sievers Autosampler to automate high-volume sample analysis.
• Well suited to analyze a variety of sample matrices and concentrations.
• Offers a small profile to efficiently use valuable bench space.
• Optional Stage 1 conductivity capability for simultaneous testing of TOC and conductivity.
• Optional Turbo mode for rapid analysis, even in the lab.

TOC uninterrupted analysis

M9 On-Line
uninterrupted analysis:
• Continuous monitoring with the ability to easily introduce discrete grab samples and standards.
• Wall-mounted with an IP-45 rated enclosure to withstand demanding process water environments.
• Broad, linear TOC range allows excellent low-level sensitivity for ultrapure water analysis and high-level capability for cleaning validation or other challenging water samples.
• Optional Turbo mode for microelectronics (reclaim applications) and pharma (cleaning validation.)


M9 Portable
genuine versatility:
• Lightweight, IP-21 rated, compact design can be hand-carried for TOC analysis anywhere.
• Measures discrete grab samples, automated analysis with the optional Sievers Autosampler, or On-Line mode.
• Designed for at-line cleaning validation applications.
• Optional Stage 1 conductivity measurements for grab, Autosampler, or On-Line mode.
• Optional Turbo mode for microelectronics (reclaim applications) and pharma (cleaning validation.




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